Thursday, 1 October 2015

Travelling in Kuala Terengganu,Terengganu

                  Assalammualaikum w.b.t reader..ok i'mma right now in Petaling Jaya and i in continuing my diploma..ceh ceh..oklah..firstly i wanna told you all.. if i was going travelling in Terengganu..hahah look up my title entry..just only me and my friend go at there..quite brave but actually we was scared because we dont know which one we want to go with the unknowing place and different is quite scary for me..feel wanna cry but why not take a challenge to opened your minded right? my friend was just told me like that ..she name OCEAN and my LOVE..hihihi..


     This place we first landing after in the bus in 6 hours KL to K.Terengganu.fuh its so awesome to me..hahah..after that we went to the mosque for doing the prayer Subuh..


    Then..kitorang pun bersiar-siar guna bus ni..3 kali i and seri naik ni bas..hahah sebab nak jalan2 je kan..hahaha..lotcok!pastu kitorang balik..sikit jak gambar..tapi actually kitorang travelling ni banyak ALLAH permudah kan ..sangat banyak n kami sangat2 bersyukur ..sebab kami travelling bukan setakat jalan2 sahaja tapi banyak kami belajar tentang erti Kesyukuran dan Akhlak...apa yang penting ibadah,akhlak dan akidah..semua tu ada maksud yang mendalam and we need to be a good muslim  dont confusing yourself if you dont know..belajar ,faham n amal..sama2 kita mentarbiahkan diri kita..ingat ALLAH..akidah is very important..ok..bye2..assalammualaikum..

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